Our Guesthouse

Welcome to Naiades Guesthouse, an idyllic accommodation in the historic castle of Ioannina, just 100 meters from the citadel of Its Kale. Our hostel brings a wonderful mix of excellent quality materials with earthy references but also traditional elements. It is the ideal starting point for your excursions in our place!

You can be accommodated in one of our 8 unique rooms, which are designed and fully equipped to offer you a unique accommodation experience! Their main feature is the combination of modern, simple lines with discreet traditional influences that come in complete harmony with the aesthetics of the castle.

In our accommodation, we provide you every day with the most careful breakfast, based on the pure products of the mainland, either in a specially designed basement or in our stone courtyard. In our basement you can also enjoy the wine of your choice from our updated wine cellar, and relax by reading a book of your choice from our library.

The history of Naiades

* The Naiades, according to Greek mythology, were nymphs of freshwater and depending on their type, we find them with the names Krinea, Limnades, Potamides and Pigai, both in the Theogony of Hesiod and in the Iliad & Homer’s Odyssey.

According to Homer, they were daughters of Zeus and participated in the Divine Councils on Olympus, since they seem to receive divine honors. They lived in riverside areas and were given divination and healing abilities. They accompanied Dionysus with the Satyrs in his festivities, and the legend states that from their union with people, heroes, sages or great artists were born. *